LabelGrid accounting software for Record Labels and Distributors offers transparency with trends and sales reports from your royalty data.

With LabelGrid you can develop and manage your royalty payment operating procedures by generating label and artist statements, collecting invoices, processing payments, and tracking your payments history with ease.

Artists Royalties Statements page

Royalties Statements.


If you are a record label or a distributor and are looking for an accounting software to handle royalty payments for your artists and clients, LabelGrid offers a system to streamline these operations. LabelGrid generates quarterly or monthly artist statements or label statements with an automated invoicing management system to save time and keep things organized.

With LabelGrid you can easily send automated royalties statements to your payees and allow them to upload or auto-generate an invoice for your payment.

Automated Invoicing.


We have a rigid workflow defined to help keep things on track when it comes to requesting invoices before you make payments, LabelGrid record labels and distributors accounting software can handle every part of the royalty payments process for you.

You can easily setup the system to collect invoices from your artists, or have them sign an agreement allowing our application to auto-generate invoices on their behalf. Anytime an invoice is approved, declined, paid, or more info is requested, we notify the payee to ensure you can complete this process as pain-free as possible. You will never miss an invoice again.

Royalties Dashboard.


You can access your standalone royalties dashboard at any time to see how your content is performing on stores thanks to our sales statistics. Additionally, each of your clients or artists also gets their own login to view their specific data, royalties figures, statement downloads and ability to manage their payment profile, company profile, invoices and payment requests.

Record label royalties dashboard
Split royalties UI detail

Split royalties.


Automatic splitting for Masters or Compositions based on BASE 50/50 split or choose CUSTOM split for full flexibility.

Each label can have custom split settings and each track artist can have custom splits which override the label default split settings. Setup splits based on ISRC and UPC in catalog manager and we will remember it.

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