Your catalogue is the backbone of your operation. This is why it is so important to keep clean and accurate metadata in a centralized place.

From idea to final delivery. We’ve got you covered. LabelGrid’s Catalogue Manager lets you control every aspect of your album and product details as well as the artist profiles that are tied to them.  With ability to store localized meta-data and generate automatic landing pages and one-sheets both for internal and public sharing, our record labels management software will help you keep your team and all stakeholders informed about the details of your upcoming release.

Built right into the catalogue manager are a set of content tools allowing you to generate teaser videos, compilations, YouTube promos, Soundcloud promos, promo mail-outs as well as integrate with 3rd party services to extend your abilities when it comes to promotions, management, and distribution.

One sheets - Release Preview

One sheets.


LabelGrid automatically generates sharable pages called “one-sheets” for each release so you can easily share all the release information with your team and others.

One-sheets are known in the industry as a single page showing the entire important details of a release. Our one-sheets go further than that to act as a living document which gets updated throughout the life-cycle of your release.

When you add information to a release, or when LabelGrid fetches it automatically in the background; the streaming links, bios, and other information becomes automatically included on your one-sheet.

Public landing pages.


Landing pages (aka “squeeze” pages) provide an easily sharable link that can be sent to fans and the general public either on social media or privately to help push sales, downloads, streams or other actionable items depending on the goal you have in mind.

For every release in your catalogue, we provide an automatic landing page which you can use for these purposes in both a pre-release and post-release time table. You can also enact even more control over the look and feel of these pages by uploading custom backgrounds and logos or even hosting them yourself on your own WordPress site using the LabelGrid WordPress plugin.

Public landing page
Publishing informations form

Publishing data.


With LabelGrid you can add publishing information to all your tracks, releases, artist and writer profiles, band member profiles, etc. so that your writers, performers, and contributors can be correctly credited on the supported DSPs.

We provide an easy way to associate additional publishing data such as PROs and IPIs, etc. which help keep your meta-data organized and centralized.

Here are just a few of the many features our users enjoy on a daily basis.

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