Go the self-hosted route by using the WordPress plugin LabelGrid Tools for Record Labels and Distributors and automate publishing of your own album and artist landing pages, smart link pages, pre-save pages and artist profiles which will greatly enhance your WordPress site’s search engine optimization and site stickiness.

Releases menu screenshot

Import and sync your content.


With LabelGrid WordPress Tools you can automatically import all your release catalog, artists, genres and labels to your WordPress install.

The plugin will also keep all releases synced with the latest links to stores or any other edits that has been made thru LabelGrid.

Facebook and Google ADS ready.


LabelGrid WordPress Tools plugin for Record Labels and Distributors comes with a default event system that will help you setup conversion objectives on Facebook or Google ADS to give you complete control over your advertising campaigns.

The plugin is enabled to fire a detailed event each time an user go thru a DSP Store Link in any Smart Link Page or starts a Gated download/Pre-save process.

Facebook ADS / Google ADS logos
Music release landing smart page

Beautiful landing pages.


Each release comes with a dedicated Smart Link Page that is separate from your WordPress template. The Landing Page have a more clean design that ultimately helps conversions. Each landing page includes a list of all shops and streaming sites which your release can be found. We can automatically fill these links for you as they become available.

You can also tie an existing release to a Gated download or a Pre-save and show a link directly in the Landing page.

Gated downloads.


Create gated download pages that require fans to provide an email or give a follow to your social media before they can download a track, follow a certain URL or simply enter into a contest.

Gated Downloads / Follow to download gates form
Spotify Pre-saves form

Spotify pre-saves.


Pre-saves are a great help while building a solid marketing plan. With LabelGrid WordPress Tools you can automatically enable a Spotify pre-save on each release, as well you can tie each Pre-save with other default actions ( Follow playlists, users etc ).

Highly customizable.


LabelGrid WordPress Tools comes with an extensive number of settings that will let you configure the plugin as you wish.

Each settings is overwritable at a Release level to give you a complete and precise control of all your contents.

LabelGrid General Settings panel details

Download the plugin from WordPress.org