Platform Features

Simple Platform

You should be able to hit the ground running with your record labels management software services. Our easy-to-use UX makes catalog management a breeze.

Fair Pricing

Business is full of ebbs and flows. We offer affordable pricing that fits the size and revenue of your business.

Cutting-edge tools

You will stay ahead of the curve and get ground-breaking tools before they become a standard in the industry. You’ll always have access to the newest tools.

Music Distribution & Aggregation


Release faster with scalable distribution solutions that cater to those with and without direct contract deals with digital service providers.  LabelGrid provides supply chain solutions for deliveries to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Beatport, TIDAL, Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, and many more DSP’s.  If you already have a distribution solution, we can work with you to integrate and use LabelGrid’s tools as an addition to your existing workflow.

Status Tracking

Easily keep track of your delivery status. We will even fetch your shop links for you as they become available. If deliveries fail, you can use our queue system to reschedule your first delivery of a release as well as any file or meta-data updates if you need to make any corrections.

Bandcamp Upload

Uploading to Bandcamp is a brand-building, direct-to-fan, approach to making your content available to your fans. We can automate this process so that uploading to your Bandcamp profile is as easy as a few clicks on our catalogue management system

Soundcloud Monetization & Uploads

Monetize your content via Soundcloud’s feed or even on audio content you uploaded directly to your Soundcloud Channel. You can also use LabelGrid to upload your releases directly to your Soundcloud channel for maximum control over how the content is displayed on your channel.

Youtube Monetization & Uploads

Monetize your content via YouTube’s ContentID service which generates audio fingerprints that allow YouTube to scour their site for any channels that have included your music in their videos. With LabelGrid, you also get the ability to upload generated videos directly to your own YouTube channel.

Delivery to all major DSPs

LabelGrid has you covered. Our record labels management software deliver to all major digital services providers (DSP’s), streaming services, and even a few extra ones, such as Bandcamp, that you won’t find supported by other outlets.

Fast Deliveries

LabelGrid provides fast deliveries to all outlets, whether it be a last minute initial delivery, or an urgent meta-data or files update that you need to push out before your release goes live.

Support for direct contracts

If you have your own direct contracts with certain DSP’s, we can set these up as a custom delivery channel, so that all your delivery needs are handled by LabelGrid.

Services for Merlin Members

We can act as your delivery pipeline if you have a contract with MERLIN. The income collected from the DSP’s will go directly into your MERLIN account while you still get access to cutting-edge label management tools provided by LabelGrid.

Reports & Royalties


Maintain transparency, track expenses, accept invoices, and send payments with an intuitive dashboard.

Daily Sales & Analytics Tracking

Our record labels management software keep track of your daily Spotify, Beatport, and Apple Music streams and sales.

Royalties Dashboard for Label & Artists

Provide your artists with a dashboard for checking royalties, analyzing sales trends, and sending you payment requests.

Geographical Data

See geographical sales data on a geo map.

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments are available for both small labels and larger operations.

Website & Marketing Tools


Capture more leads thanks to LabelGrid advanced marketing tools and grow your promotional list faster.

LabelGrid WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin

LabelGrid’s advanced WordPress plugin for record labels, artists, and music distributors allows you to showcase music releases with ease providing advanced promotional and pre-release tools.

LabelGrid Instagram Teasers
Social Media Content & Contextualization

Provide social media links for your label and artists and we will automatically include them when you post to Soundcloud and YouTube via LabelGrid as well as in the zip .nfo file and other places.

Gated downloads

Create gated download pages that require fans to provide an email or give a follow to your social media before they can download a track.

Pre-save pages

Create Spotify pre-save pages that enable fans to save your album to their Spotify streaming library before the release is out.

Mailing list management

Thanks to LabelGrid record labels management software you can create and segment a mailing list for your full-length pre-release zip-mailer promos.

Landing Pages

Automatically generated landing pages for every release in your catalog as well as a full back catalog website that you can share publicly.

LabelGrid Link Fetcher
Smark links pages

Create landing pages which include a list of all shops and streaming sites which your release can be found. We can automatically fill these links for you as they become available.

Soundcloud & Youtube

Generate previews or full-length HD videos and clips of your content using existing artwork which can be scheduled for upload directly to your Soundcloud and Youtube profiles with a few clicks.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics into your LabelGrid landing pages via our WordPress plugin.

Zip Packages and Mailers

Download or send your release as zip file, containing 320’s, WAV’s, artwork and a plain text info file

LabelGrid Code Snippets
Code snippets

We provide HTML and bbcode snippets you can use in your own blog and forums.

Demo Management

Public Upload Page

Accept demos with your publicly shareable demo inbox page.

Download Gates

Use the WordPress plugin to require authentication with social media before someone can send a demo.

Messages Presets

Set preset messages that should be sent when rejecting and approving releases.

Private Sharing

Share demos internally with your staff using automatically generated secret links.

Catalogue Management


Build and maintain a record label more quickly with scalable solutions in our cloud. LabelGrid provides robust and configurable label profiles, file management, and delivery to services that are essential for independent businesses. Our pricing model adjusts to your needs and our delivery engine scales to fit the needs of any size operation.

Catalog Management System

LabelGrid’s advanced WordPress plugin for record labels, artists, and music distributors allows you to showcase music releases with ease providing advanced promotional and pre-release tools.

Schedule Everything

Schedule product deliveries to almost anywhere including Bandcamp and all major retail outlets like Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, and many more. Set pre-release and exclusive dates for specific DSP outlets. Setup a schedule of Soundcloud posts, Youtube videos, and zip-mailers without opening an editor.

LabelGrid Link Fetcher
DSP Link fetching

You can save time while we automatically fetch your shop links in the background.
LabelGrid gathers all major shop, streaming, and DSP links to all products in your catalog and puts them in an easy-to-find location, saving you the headache of scouring the web when you need to promote your releases.

LabelGrid Video Generator
Video generators

Generate videos for platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and even square-formatted videos for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We provide cutting-edge tools that you will not find with any other platform. Increase audience engagement and build brand authority by promoting your content in various tried and true methods in gaining exposure.

Audio Transcoding Engine

Convert your audio between formats from WAV, FLAC, MP3, etc. without opening an editor. We can handle all important file types to save you tons of time and removing the worry about having the proper file type to share to different people or outlets. Cater to your audiences preferences and reduce the time it takes to make your product release-ready.

Private Sharing

Private sharing is the future. Keep your artists and other team members up to date by sharing your release details using a private link we supply for every release. This allows you to share to your artists, proof-readers, copy-writers, mastering engineers, etc, so that collaboration can happen seamlessly.