LabelGrid Plan SoloSolo

$99 /year

Starting small? Our solo plan has everything you need to get started.

  • 100 Tracks

  • 1 Record Label

  • Keep 85% royalties
  • Wordpress Plugin
LabelGrid Plan BasicBasic

$199 /year

Have a larger catalog or more than 1 label? Basic gets you started.

  • 200 Tracks

  • 3 Record Labels

  • Keep 85% royalties
  • Wordpress Plugin
LabelGrid Plan ProPro

$499 /year

Looking to keep more royalties or have a rather large catalog?

  • 500 Tracks

  • 5 Record Labels

  • Keep 90% royalties

  • Wordpress Plugin
LabelGrid Plan CustomCustom

Price by

100% royalties and unlimited catalog size and special features

  • Unlimited Tracks

  • Unlimited Record Labels

  • Keep 100% royalties

  • Advanced tools and API
  • Premium Support

Standalone addons

LabelGrid Gate

Labelgrid Gate

Enable LabelGrid GATE functionalities on our WordPress plugin for advanced Marketing features.

$40 /year

LabelGrid WhiteLabel


Manage your digital music catalog distribution and royalty accounting management with your brand and identity.

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With LabelGrid, you can rely on us for distribution, or if you have your direct contracts or other distribution solution, you can use just the catalog manager and other parts of the system to fit within your existing workflow.

Your data is stored securely on private services with nightly backups to ensure recoverability in a disaster.

All you need is a web browser. We develop everything on Google Chrome first, so that is the preferred browser; however, another browser should work if they follow the same standards.

We are founded and officially registered as Label Grid LLC in Denver, Colorado; however, our team operates remotely from across the globe.

If you have a direct relationship with a particular DSP, we can accommodate your needs and become your delivery solution, also known as a digital supply chain provider. This allows you to maintain the contractual direct relationship and collect royalties directly from those DSPs. Additionally, if there are any DSPs for which you do not hold a contract, you can utilize our direct deals to get your content delivered there.

Yes. Merlin is a preferred partner for us. We work with various Merlin members who use LabelGrid as their delivery solution.  Merlin collects and pays you directly, and you are only responsible for paying your monthly LabelGrid subscription fee, which is 0% taken from your royalties by LabelGrid.  As for DSPs that are not a part of Merlin, we can deliver to them as well, either under our contract, where we take a royalty % based on your plan, or 0% if you have a direct deal with them. We only ask for a reasonable setup fee for these arrangements since they can be a lot of work to set up in the beginning.