Advanced Catalogue Management & Aggregation Services

Simplify your operations & marketing. Grow your fan-base. Reach people that matter.
What is LabelGrid

Advanced Catalogue Management & Aggregation.

Content brands of all kinds use LabelGrid's tools and services to increase their organization's productivity while facillitating distribution of their content to all the major outlets including all major DSP outlets, even Bandcamp or your own distro. If you have an existing distribution contract, we can still act as your catalog management services while increasing exposure of your content and creating new opportunities for streams, sales, and growth. We service many sectors of the industry including independent record labels, artists, general creators, and distributors.

Distribution is only a small part of what we do.

Full-on content suite.

We want to help people build their media brands by allowing them to do more with their content. From finding untapped monetization options, implementing better marketing strategy, or utilizing state of the art tools in an ad-hoc fashion -- we want it all to be available from this single platform.

Distributed Backups

If you ever lose a file due to personal data loss, LabelGrid's backup system could come to the rescue. We run regular backups of all data, which means, if you host your label's content with us, we may be able to recover these files, even if you deleted it from LabelGrid in the past.

Under the hood

Each label and user has default presets that can be used to finely tune many of the scheduling and automated posting tools.

Innovative, lean, agile.

We've created this platform to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow. Additionally, you'll find that new workflows emerge with LabelGrid, because you'll have a platform that helps you scale and automate your efforts. Think scheduling, syncing, and posting via various 3rd party API's and plugins, or even syncing to your website. LabelGrid gives you the path to scaling up your distribution and marketing efforts.

Nimble framework.

We are constantly working to make sure our framework is fast and responsive so that you can perform the task at hand without distraction and delay. Our rollout of version 2 of our UI and API in 2020 is a testament to this promise.


We want to be your techonology provider, empowering you with the tools and direction you need to grow.

Is your catalogue on Beatport? We can import your whole library in just a few minutes.

Private files

Private files are the files from your catalogue which we require secure keys to access. For example, your source audio WAV and FLAC and full-length files are kept under lock and key and only accessible by you when you are logged into the system. The same goes for all files in your files manager (aka incoming demo manager). The exception to this rule is that we offer a way for you to obtain a secret link which you can share privately with other people.

Public files

Public files are not restricted in any way and are available on the public web. These files include album art, your label logo, non-full-length or non-full quality audio clips, and similar assets which often need to be available when we link to your products on our automatic landing page, and label catalogue listings. These listings can also be disabled in your label settings if you wish. Just to be clear, none of your sensitive content is available as a public file.

Queue system

Almost every feature which utilizes scheduling or has batch operations will utilize an operational queue in which each item is processed (one at a time) but concurrent with other queues. For example, if you have a post sitting in your Soundcloud queue, as well as another item in your Youtube queue; both of those items will be processed at the same time as soon as a spot becomes available in the queue processor.

Give fans a choice to pay what they want or to choose their favorite shop or streaming outlet.
Enhance your routine. Take the guesswork out of promo operations.
Import your catalog from Beatport and be up and running with your full catalogue in short time.
Enhance your fans' UX with open-graph enabled previews on Facebook.
Generate highly sought after HD videos for your releases + monetize on YouTube.
Enjoy secure cloud storage with automatic backups.
Drive sales or collect email addresses with effective calls-to-action and proven landing pages.
Increase engagement with social graph integration and embedded social media markup.
Always have shop URL's at your fingertips. We find links & include them in your posts. PLUS smart-links, PLUS PRES pre-save pages.
Schedule posts to many places like Bandcamp, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
Track daily sales, subscribers, and chart placements like a pro from the top retailers.
Get maximum exposure with built in marketing features built for label owners and distributors.
Enrich your content w/automatic artist bio inclusion when posting to retailers & elsewhere.
Generate promo zips easily and quickly and send to press contacts, tastemakers, and dj's, etc..
Nurture a mailing list organically using groups for better targetting and response rate.
Ensure proper branding with full ID3 + artwork tagging and brand information.
View essential audio specs & wave form visualization without opening an editor.
Increase brand authority and authentiticy with customizable tools and presets.
Get access to exclusive tools and 3rd party integrations. Let automation do the work.
RESTful API let's you integrate directly with your own system or create something new using our SDK.

WORDPRESS PLUGIN DISCLAIMERS: LabelGrid API Token This field is reserved for LabelGrid customers and is needed to enable WordPress / API Content Sync and Free Download Gate functionalities. See LabelGrid documentation for information about your API Token here and Apple Music / iTunes affiliate token. Your Apple Music / iTunes affiliate token can be used to capture affiliate revenue that gets paid to you anytime someone buys content or subscriptions on iTunes or Apple Music. Automatic content sync. If disabled, this will stop synchronizing data with LabelGrid Servers. Also note, the sync functionality is enabled only while a valid LabelGrid API Token is active.



Our YouTube posting interface gives you a convenient way to generate and post artwork music videos to YouTube in 2 formats, single-track videos, and multi-track videos.


We offer 2 ways to push your content to Soundcloud from LabelGrid. Method 1: Posting via Soundcloud API. Method 2: Posting via Soundcloud feed (send to shops)

Mailing system

The notable things about our mailing system are the alerts and zip-mailer.

Distribution Engine

Distribute based on your label configs to deliver direct via your own direct deals or via LabelGrid's deals.


Integrate directly.


We are still the only service that can upload releases directly to your Bandcamp profile.

Video Transcoder and generator

Create HD videos from your existing artwork and audio.

WordPress integration (beta)

We have deployed a WordPress plugin to make maintaining your label's website a breeze.

Online audio transcoder

Generate 320s, FLACs, WAVs, etc online, without having to use an editor.

Zip packages

Create and share zips that contain all assets and .info file with all release data.

Instagram teasers

Generate square format videos for Instagram and other services.

Code snippets

HTML, BBcode, plain text, and rich-text snippets that you can use anywhere.

Soundcloud & Youtube automation

Schedule posts to Soundcloud and Youtube to drive streams, sales, and opt-ins. Links and release info is automatically included in all post decriptions for max SEO.

Link fetcher

We automatically fetch your most important streaming and album links and pre-fill forms and other public facing pages with this information for maximum link exposure.

Demo Inbox

If you receive a lot of demos or want to run a campaign to push for new artists to send you musc, this tool is for you!

Visit our documentation to get the full picture of our tools!


Our documentation covers all the important parts of LabelGrid's tools, as well as a series of articles on how to get started.