About us

Built for label owners, by label owners

LabelGrid’s cloud-based catalog manager, distribution engine, and marketing tools were built with simplicity in mind, giving teams the ability to easily manage and collaborate on their catalogue of audio products as well as keep all online properties in sync with the latest and most complete meta-data and digital assets for each product.

That’s why record labels and audio-content businesses in general are scaling their businesses faster ad more efficiently using LabelGrid.

Using our simple catalog manager and API, you and your team can go from idea to delivery worldwide to streaming and download outlets, prerelease promotion services, third party API’s and integrations, as well as direct DDEX and proprietary delivery based systems.

In just a matter of clicks, setup a set of albums, setup DSP-link fetching and monitoring, and effortlessly sync to places outside of LabelGrid, including your own website or other digital media social profiles you own across the web. Plus, get reports and royalties data to share with your team and stakeholders.

Get predictable pricing, and features you and your team will love, with the professionalism needed to launch your brand.

Home, sweet home