LabelGrid DEMO Management platform allows you to receive, organize, reply and share all your incoming DEMOs.

Thanks to our technology you can save time scraping DEMOs using our automated replies, preconfigured messages and easy sharing capabilities. You will never miss a DEMO again and you will improve your operations.

Screenshot of Auto-Reply DEMO form

Reply presets.


Filter and handle each submission with ease with automated responses and canned messages (reply presets). With LabelGrid DEMO management you can setup multiple templates for replying to demos and mark each submission as accepted/rejected, so you could easily filter the submissions later.

Save submissions to Google Drive or Dropbox.


You can easily save each DEMO submission to your Google Drive or Dropbox account to streamline your operations.

Export to Google Drive and Dropbox
Private DEMO file preview

Shareable secret links.


A secret-link is created for each asset in your library allowing you to easily share them with other people within your organization such as mastering engineers, A&R staff, marketing, etc. You can invalidate these links at any time.

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