Quickly create and reliably run your music distribution / aggregation pipeline for your single-label or multi-label operation using our advanced distribution engine.

Deliver using your own deals with the DSP’s (shops, services, & streaming outlets) or use LabelGrid’s deals to fill the gaps for DSP’s with whom you do not have a direct relationship.

Run your operations with flexibility.


LabelGrid is a user-friendly platform that gives you flexible options that make it straightforward to manage and distribute your audio catalog in a way that suits your business. With LabelGrid, you can get any sort of label up and running quickly and reliably, while retaining the ability to precisely configure and monitor your label’s music distribution, aggregation and operations.

Direct deals.


Utilize your own direct deals with DSPs and setup simple or complex delivery profiles and apply them differently to different labels, this allows you to use LabelGrid only as distribution platform, to directly collect any income from DSPs and to have the maximum flexibility while handling multiple record labels.

Power your business with our infrastructure.


When you are building an audio-content business, you need to develop and deliver your assets quickly and keep a central catalogue for all your content. Equally important, your content needs to be available across many platforms and accessible by your team, your clients, and your audience.

That’s why you should consider LabelGrid to power your distribution pipeline. We offer content management, storage, distribution, and marketing through a user-friendly interface optimized for productivity and marketing opportunities.

Soundcloud Tools & Monetization.


Most distributors offer only 1 way of monetizing and uploading to Soundcloud.

LabelGrid offers various Soundcloud tools and delivery options that help you maximize your Soundcloud listings in a way that increases your brand authority and reach through Soundcloud content discovery. This lets you use Soundcloud as a vehicle for not just monetizing, but also marketing your content on one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

Using LabelGrid you can upload your content using SoundCloud’s API to give you full control on the listing, links, and descriptive content just as if you uploaded the content yourself to your own Soundcloud profile; or you can deliver via the streamlined SoundCloud DDEX feed which enables Soundcloud monetization and fingerprinting to control matching tracks across Soundcloud’s entire platform.

YouTube Tools & Monetization.


Our YouTube posting interface gives you a convenient way to generate and post animated or still shot album-cover music videos, to YouTube, in 2 formats — as single-track videos or multi-track videos.

When using this feature, LabelGrid generates the video using your existing cover art and audio, and then posts the video directly to your YouTube channel just as if you uploaded the video manually. Additionally, LabelGrid offers a solution to deliver your content to YouTube Content ID so that anyone who uses your content can help generate revenue for your content.

Beatport Distribution.


LabelGrid is proud to offer direct delivery to Beatport– touted as the most popular electronic music download site in the world, and is one of the top most requested DSP’s in the electronic music niche.  Having integrations with Rekordbox, Beatport LINK allow dj’s to stream music directly from Beatport through their Rekordbox interface. There is also a Beatport Pro desktop application which dj’s use to manage their playlists. It is one of the top destinations for performers looking for the latest electronic, club, and dance music.

Bandcamp Uploading.


The only distribution service that can deliver your releases directly to your Bandcamp profile.

Over 70 outlets.


Including Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, Pandora, Beatport, Soundcloud, Facebook, and many niche outlets.

We are constantly adding the newest Stores to give you the best outlets network possible.

Upload Once. Be Everywhere.

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