Digital Music Distribution Tools for Record Labels, Artists and Distributors.

We make it easy to manage, deliver, promote and track your music and video catalog from a central platform and scale up as you grow. With a simple content management panel, flexible delivery engine and cutting-edge marketing tools. We optimize your digital music distribution strategy.

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Distribution is only the beginning.


How LabelGrid works

Create Albums

LabelGrid’s advanced catalogue manager. Manage every aspect of your release.

Setup Deliveries
Setup Deliveries

Deliver content with ease. Have full control over what contents go where.


Use LabelGrid’s cutting-edge marketing tools to promote your albums at scale.

Collect payments
Collect Payments

We send you a periodic royalties statement. We give you access to a Royalties Dashboard with all statistics on your sales.


Get more out of your catalog than with a traditional digital music distribution model.

Generate Teasers
Generate Teasers

Generate video & audio for Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud from your cover art and audio.

Capture Leads
Capture Leads

Use our landing pages for gated-downloads, Spotify Pre-saves, and unified link pages. Optimize your Marketing operations.

Integrate Your Site
Integrate Your Site

Use our API and WordPress plugin to sync content to your own website.

Go Direct
Go Direct

LabelGrid can act as your supply chain provider if you have an existing deal with a DSP or distributor.

Expand Your Reach
Expand Your Reach

Deliver to your own Bandcamp profile and other outlets outside normal distribution pipelines.

Fully-featured Album Editor.


From artist profiles to release meta-data, localization, exclusivity dates, extensive publishing information, and more.

Fully-featured Digital Music Distribution Album Editor Form
Multi Language Support
Generate Teasers

Generate video & audio for Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud from your cover art and audio.

Multi Language Support
Extended Meta-data

Supply band member info, producer, lyricist, and song-writer information to be used in liner notes and song credits.

Extensive Sub-Genres List
Extensive Sub-genres List

Choose from an extensive list of sub-genres in all major categories. Maximize how your album is cataloged.

Exclusivity Periods
Exclusivity Periods

Set an exclusivity period for Spotify, Beatport, or AppleMusic/iTunes.

UPC, ISRC, and Grid codes

We will supply UPC’s, ISRC’s, and GRid small to medium labels who use our distribution contracts. Or you can bring your own codes as well.


Easily create compilations from existing tracks in your catalog.

Upload Once. Be Everywhere

Seamlessly integrated with WordPress


Increase your brand authority by hosting landing pages, gates and pre-saves on your own domain.

Landing Page

Host landing pages that help gather leads to build your fan network.

Artists Roster

Sync your artist profiles and press shots to your website automatically without having to copy/paste or upload to multiple places.

Back catalogue sync

Keep your full back catalog on your website keep it up to date by enabling sync from LabelGrid.

Spotify pre-save

Increase streams by hosting your own Spotify pre-save pages.

Gated Downloads

Offer downloads in exchange for user actions, such as submitting an email address or following or reposting on Soundcloud, Spotify etc.

Language localization.語言本地化.Localización.Εντοπισμός γλώσσας.언어 현지화.


Supply release titles, artist names and lyrics in various languages.

Preferred Language Settings

Deliver a specific language to outlets that allow them. Default back to English for those that do not.

Audio Language

Deliver contents with ease. Have full control over what contents goes where.

Language Variations

Setup multiple translations for release titles, track titles, and artist names.

Built for marketing


Cutting edge marketing tools made for growth your digital music distribution and save you time.

LabelGrid - Built for marketing
LabelGrid WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin

Use our WordPress plugin to automatically sync your back catalog from LabelGrid to your WordPress website. The plugin also brings features such as gated dowloads, presaves, and more.

LabelGrid Instagram Teasers
Instagram Teasers

Create square videos made specifically for Instagram. Also works with Instagram Stories!

LabelGrid Video Generator
Video Generator

Create HD and SD videos from your existing assets such as artwork, clips, or full-length audio.

LabelGrid Link Fetcher
Link Fetcher

Behind the scenes we monitor your release as soon as it is created. Once we have a UPC and ISRC’s for your tracks, our background link fetching micro-service searches a list of major DSP’s to get the links to your music on the DSP’s website.

LabelGrid Code Snippets
Code Snippets

HTML, BBCODE, plain text, and rich-text snippets that you can use anywhere.

Pricing that scales with your operation

LabelGrid Plan SoloSolo

$99 /year

Starting small? Our solo plan has everything you need to get started.

  • 100 Tracks

  • 1 Record Label

  • Keep 85% royalties
  • Wordpress Plugin
LabelGrid Plan BasicBasic

$199 /year

Have a larger catalog or more than 1 label? Basic gets you started.

  • 200 Tracks

  • 3 Record Labels

  • Keep 85% royalties
  • Wordpress Plugin
LabelGrid Plan ProPro

$499 /year

Looking to keep more royalties or have a rather large catalog?

  • 500 Tracks

  • 5 Record Labels

  • Keep 90% royalties

  • Wordpress Plugin
LabelGrid Plan CustomCustom

Price by

100% royalties and unlimited catalog size and special features

  • Unlimited Tracks

  • Unlimited Record Labels

  • Keep 100% royalties

  • Advanced tools and API
  • Premium Support

Distribution Outlets


Deliver to these and a growing list of DSP’s

Upload Once. Be Everywhere