Why Release Music in Spatial Audio: Enhancing Listener Experience & Engagement

Discover why releasing music in spatial audio is revolutionizing the listening experience. Explore how technologies like Apple's Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos create a 360-degree sound environment, boosting listener engagement and emotional connection. Learn about the challenges and costs, and gain insights into the evolving music industry and strategies for success.

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Master Your DIY Press Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide for Labels

Discover how to launch a successful DIY press campaign for your music release. Learn essential strategies for creating captivating press kits, choosing the right media mix, perfecting pitch emails, and effectively handling feedback. Maximize your media exposure and measure your campaign's impact with practical tips on timing and follow-up.

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7 Effective Ways Record Labels Can Create Better Social Content

Discover 7 innovative ways record labels can elevate their social media content and boost artist visibility. From using tools like Canva, Hootsuite, and Buffer to managing multiple accounts with ease, this article offers actionable tips for creating, scheduling, and analyzing high-quality content to engage fans and enhance performance metrics.

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Music Publishing 101: What You Need to Know

So, you're getting deeper into the music industry, trying to wrap your head around what music publishing means. It's a critical piece of the puzzle for record label owners like yourself to understand, ensuring your artists get their due recognition and compensation. Music publishing is essentially about rights management. It's the business of managing copyrights for musical compositions, ensuring that those who create the music receive payment when their compositions are used. Every time a song is downloaded, streamed, or performed live, there's potential revenue to be earned, and music [...]

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Mastering Your Waterfall Music Release: Tips & Best Practices

Ever wondered how some artists seem to have a never-ending stream of music, keeping fans constantly engaged? That's the magic of the waterfall music release strategy. It's like drip-feeding new tunes to your audience, creating a steady flow of excitement and anticipation. For record labels and musicians alike, understanding this approach is crucial. Why? Because it's all about maintaining relevance and momentum in a market where listeners' attention spans are shorter than ever. Ready to dig into how this strategy can keep you afloat in the sea of endless music [...]

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Funding Your Record Label: Essential Steps to Success

Starting your own record label is an electrifying leap into the music industry, but let's face it, funding can be a tough nut to crack. You've got the passion, the vision, and the beats, but where's the cash to make it all happen? It's the big question on every budding music mogul's mind. Understanding the financial side isn't as daunting as it seems. Whether you're thinking of bootstrapping with your savings, courting investors, or crowdfunding your way to the top, there's a path for you. You're not just building a [...]

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Sync Licensing 101: A Guide for Music Artists

Few musicians start writing songs to make money. For many artists, becoming a musician, songwriter, or composer is first and foremost about expressing themselves in the best way they can. However, once you start gaining a following, you may just find yourself considering the possibility of earning a living from your music. That is the moment when you need to start thinking about licensing your music. Licensing means allowing someone else to use your work within certain limits. Music licensing can seem like a complex topic initially, but understanding the [...]

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Choosing a Music Aggregator for Your Brand, Artist, or Record Label

How do you get your music “out there” and heard by people all over the world? A few years ago, making it in music meant signing a record deal. There was simply no other way. Taking care of your own distribution? That would have been a pipedream for musicians who relied on small gigs and open mic nights to be discovered by record companies.  Digital music has changed the industry and made it possible to distribute your music worldwide, even without the backing of a label. Music aggregation and carefully [...]

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