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Master Your DIY Press Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide for Labels

Discover how to launch a successful DIY press campaign for your music release. Learn essential strategies for creating captivating press kits, choosing the right media mix, perfecting pitch emails, and effectively handling feedback. Maximize your media exposure and measure your campaign's impact with practical tips on timing and follow-up.

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How to Market a Record Label: Tips and Strategies for Success

Breaking into the music industry with a new record label can be challenging, but your label's success will be in sight if you are equipped with the right marketing strategies. By effectively marketing a record label, you'll establish a strong brand identity and attract talented artists to your roster. In this guide, we'll explore various approaches to promoting your label and the importance of implementing these tactics to remain competitive in today's dynamic music market. Creating a solid online presence is a crucial aspect of marketing. This includes developing a [...]

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